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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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ELEVENTH TALK             205

off one head another springs in place at once, and
you may go on all your life long fighting against this
insidious thing in one form or another, yet never
fully succeed. But if you adopt the plan that is here
suggested, if you become so full of thought for the
helping of others that there is no time and no room
for you to think about yourself at all, then you see,
instead of making a great fight to try to get rid of
selfishness, you get rid of it naturally, without trying,
in the course of your development. I believe that to
be the only perfect and certain way, because all other
ways are so exceedingly difficult. If you think over
a fault, you strengthen that fault. That is the mis-
take made in the Christian systems, when you are
urged to repent of your faults and feel remorse for
them. The more sorry you feel, and the more you
turn the thing over in your mind, the stronger it
grows. If you fight against it, it fights against yolly
because you are not dealing with a mere obstruction,,
you are dealing quite definitely with a desire ele-
mental, and he very much wants those things which
are, for you, bad habits. He does not want them
because they are bad habits; in fact, he does not
know anything about you. He wants them because
he gets ffom them the sort of vibrations which he
especially enjoys, which are good for his progress but
not for yours. So you are fighting against a very
definite force, and the more you fight, the more he
will fight. But if, instead of fighting, you glance offy